A Year In
Climate Change

The United Nations Development Programme’s 2022 special report marked Terra’s third year translating vital information about pressing global issues into engaging, palletable digital stories. Now very familiar with the project, our web design and development team was ready to help the UNDP build a digital experience that conveyed a renewed sense of optimism and inspired users with powerful calls to action for the year ahead.

Storytelling That Moves


Unique animations

A mature illustration style with subtle texture and gradient detailing.

Creative development

A thoughtful design approach that doesn’t limit accessibility or SEO goals.

Interactive storytelling

A delightfully engaging mix of sliders, videos, and hover animations.

Disrupt the scroll ·

Disrupt the scroll ·

Disrupt the scroll ·

Disrupt the scroll ·


The average person scrolls the length of the Statue of Liberty every day. We aimed not to stop the scroll, but to disrupt it completely.